Thursday, 1 February 2018

Episode 55

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1. Gong — "A Sprinkling of Clouds" (live in Rotterdam, 1974-12-07, from You Do Have To Give Up Dope!? GAS cassette tape, 1992)

2. Freddie Hubbard — "Blue Spirits" (from Blue Spirits, 1965)

3. Syd Arthur — untitled (live at Talking Heads, Southampton, 2017-11-09)

4. Woods — "Spring Is In The Air" (from Love Is Love, 2017)

5. Arlet/Humble Pious — "Big Red Sun (NOOKING remix)" (online release, 2017)

6. Robert Wyatt — "Shrink Rap" (from Dondestan, 1991)

7. Matching Mole — "intro" → "March Ides I" → "Smoke Rings" (from Smoke Signals, live April and May 1972)

8. "Canterbury in Finland" guest mix

  • Wigwam — "Must be the Devil (7" single, 1969)
  • Pekka Pohjola — "Virtoyen Kiharat" (from Pihkasilmä Kaarnakorva, 1972)
  • XL — "Sir Real" (from Surreal, 2002)
  • Zetaboo — "InterRail" (from OuterRail, 2006)
  • Pekka Streng — "Olen Erilainen" (from Magneettimiehen Kuolema, 1970)
  • Pekka Pohjola — "Image of a Passing Smile" (from Visitation, 1970)
  • Ilmiliekki Quartet — "Kanave" (from Take It With Me, 2006)
  • Jukka Perko Avara — "Like Father Like Son" (from Invisible Man, 2015)
  • Klima Kalima — "We Still Don't Understand" (from Chasing Yellow, 2007)
  • Jim Pembroke — "Island Town" (from Corporal Cauliflowers Mental Function, 1978)
  • Jarmo Saari — "Scroll" (from Solu, 2004)
  • Jarmo Saari — "Raw Beauty" (from Solu, 2004)
  • Pekka Pohjola — "Armaton Idylli" (from Pihkasilmä Kaarnakorva, 1972)
  • XL — "Mrs" (from Visual, 2003)

9. Hatfield and the North — "Hatitude" → "Strand of the Green" → "Hotel Luna" → "The Lonely Bubbling Song" → "Stay Jung and Beautiful" (from 1973-75 Hatwise Choice, 2005)

10. Frank Zappa — "Big Swifty" (from Waka/Jawaka, 1972)

11. Splink — "Canterbury" (from Free, 2017)

12. Henry Cow — "Nirvana For Mice" (from Legend, 1973)

13. Yoav Merom — "Eleanor's Cake Which Ate Her" (home recording, 2013)

14. Haiku Salut — "The No-Colour Of Rain Or Dust" (from Etch & Etch Deep, 2015)

15. Soft Machine — "Gentle Turn" (from Rubber Riff, 1976)

[Anthony Shaw's notes on the "Canterbury in Finland" mix:]

The first inclination to assemble a collection of Finnish Canterbury sounds came as an aside to the message about order details for the Canterbury book, You Are Here. Having been there for about 4 years of my early life, formative years not easily understood even at 50 years distance, I realised how the town has haunted me, maybe even still influencing the music I choose to listen to now.

So I must confess that the selection assembled here is more or less a personal choice of just those artists I enjoy, who may have nothing but a very tenous link with anything Canterbury — one is included partly on the basis of being released on the label run by the man who promoted a tour in Finland by National Health in 1979. Tenuous roads.

Just a note about the musical heritage of Finland, a country with a 1500km border with Russia, a population of 5 million, and a great sense of its own musical value. (The summer here features multitudinous rock, jazz, folk and classical festivals located in the subliest of places, at least when the weather permits).

In a highly literate country, great reverence seems to be awarded to classical authors and composers. After all, the country is only 100 years old this year, and having fought a vicious civil war 95 years ago is still dealing with its aftermath. This autumn a major new film version was released of The Unknown Soldier, based on the book by Vaino Linna, which highlighted the national bonding resulting from 2 major skirmishes with Russia during the Second World War. Sibelius is of course a national hero, and many prominent rock musicians, especially those selected here, have attended lessons at the Academy in Helsinki named after him.

In fact maybe I should just have selected a movement or two from Sibelius's own, more obscure symphonies to convey the notion of the darkest, and also the silliest, Finnish musical ideas.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Episode 54

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1. Caravan — "Feelin' Reelin' Squealin'" (from Canterburied Sounds vol. 1, live at The Foundry, Jewry Lane, Canterbury, 1970)

2. St. Dunstan — "Kyrie Rex Splendens" (sung by the Lay Clerks of Canterbury Cathedral Choir [dir. David Flood] from Gregorian Chant for the Feast of St. Thomas of Canterbury, 1994)

3. The Daevid Allen Trio — "Ya Sunne WOT" (from Live 1963, recorded at The Marquee, London, 1963-06-03)

4. W.A. Mozart — Piano and Violin Sonata in C Major: 3. Menuet I & II; 4. Allegro molto (performed by Rachel Podger, violin and Gary Cooper, piano)

5. Kraftwerk — "Tour de France" [Canterbury 2007 remix'] (7" single, 1983)

6. The Wilde Flowers — "Memories" (instrumental demo, March 1965)

7. John Betjeman presents "Britain's Cathedrals and Their Music" no. 7, Canterbury Cathedral (BBC radio broadcast, recorded 1965, broadcast 1966) [excerpt, including "St. Thomas Honour We" sung by the Cathedral Choir, directed by Allan Wicks, Stephen Crisp, organist]

8. Orlando Gibbons — "Magnificat (from the Second Service)" (sung by the Choir of Canterbury Cathedral, from The Canterbury Tradition, 1992)

9. Mr. Head [Soft Machine] — "Contusions" (demo, 1966)

10. Thomas Goodban — "Harmony and Unanimity" (MIDI rendition of Canterbury Catch Club theme tune, by Julie Greenacre(?))

11. Canterbury Underground 2008-2014 mix:

  • Syd Arthur — "Secrets of the Planet Soul" (from Kingdoms of Experience EP, 2008)
  • The Boot Lagoon — "An Odd Owl" (from The Boot Lagoon EP, 2012)
  • Zoo For You — "My Moth" (from Fast Dance on a Nail, 2012)
  • Arlet — "Edinburgh Fringe" (from Arlet EP, 2013)
  • Liam Magill and Raven Bush — "Honest Land" (recorded in the woods near Canterbury, 2012-06-11)
  • Kairo — "Whisper In The Blue" (from Kairo EP, 2014)
  • Lapis Lazuli — "Alien part 3" (from Alien, 2014)
  • Delta Sleep — "Dustbusters" (from Managment, 2014)
  • Koloto — "Fox Tales" (from Mechanica EP, 2014)
  • Yakobfinga — "Moskalenko" (from Through a Hole In the Head, 2012)
  • Bardo Thodol — "S.S. Trushmu" (demo, recorded in Canterbury, May 2010)
  • Sam Bailey — Piano in the Woods improvisation 1 (recorded at Littlehall Pinetum, 2013-05-05)
  • Syd Arthur — "Chariots" → "Singularity" (from Sound Mirror, 2014)

12. Them — "Gloria" [excerpt] (7" single, 1964)

13. Thomas Tallis — "Missa Salve Intemerata: Gloria" (sung by Canterbury Cathedral Choir, from Salve Intemerata, 1996)

14. John Betjeman presents "Britain's Cathedrals and Their Music" no. 7 (1965) [excerpt]

15. Spirogyra — "Cogwheels, Crutches and Cyanide" (from St. Radigunds, 1971)

16. Kevin Ayers — "Shouting in a Bucket Blues" (from Bananamour, 1973)

17. Steve Hillage — "Canterbury Sunrise" (from Fish Rising, 1975)

18. Tony Coe Quartet — "Ruby" (from Ruby, 1998)

19. BBC news clip about girls choir singing Evensong in the Cathedral (January 2014)

20. The Polite Force — "Food of the Gods" (from Canterbury Knights, 1996, recorded Graveney, near Canterbury, 1976)

21. The Clash — "Justice Tonight / Kick It Over" (from Black Market Clash, 1980)

22. Vernon Elliot — soundtrack excerpt from The Clangers "Music of the Spheres" episode (broadcast November 1972)

23. Hawkwind — "Ten Seconds of Forever" [excerpt] (from Space Ritual, 1973)

24. Spirogyra — "A Canterbury Tale" (from Old Boot Wine, 1972)

clarifications/errata: The Clash played The Odeon in 1980. That Clangers episode was from 1972, not 1969.

Relevant illustrations from You Are Here (by Carol J. Watkins):

the Cathedral's "Bell Harry" tower, completed around 1500

the Canterbury Catch Club, meeting upstairs at the Prince of Orange tavern

Burgate after the Blitz, June 1942

Daevid Allen outside Robert Wyatt's family home, around 1960

the first students arriving at UKC's Eliot College, autumn 1965

Tanglewood in Giles Lane, home of the Hopper family and The Wilde Flowers' rehearsal space

Tanglewood in Giles Lane, home of the Hopper family and The Wilde Flowers' rehearsal space

Soft Machine in a park in London, 1966 or '67

Caravan, in a tree near Tyler Hill outside Canterbury, c. 1968

Steve Hillage and Kevin Ayers larking about in a record shop c.1972

Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin working on The Clangers

The Odeon cinema, later to become the Marlowe Theatre, scene of a Clash concert in 1980

Orange Street Music Club, with members of Syd Arthur and The Quartet playing Hugh Hopper's "Facelift"

Syd Arthur

The Boot Lagoon

Zoo For You

Lapis Lazuli




You Are Here: The biography of a moment

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Episode 53

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Robert Wyatt — "Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening" (from Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8th September 1974, 2005)

3. Buddy Terry — "Kamili" (from Awareness, 1971)

4. Caravan — "And I Wish I Were Stoned" → "Don't Worry" (from If I Could Do It Again..., 1970)

5. Brainville — "Hope For Happiness" (from Live in the UK, 2004, recorded Ashburton, 1998-06-18)

6. Phil Miller / In Cahoots — "Green and Purple [extract]" (from Live in Japan, 1993, recorded December 1991)

7. Syd Arthur — "All And Everything" (live studio session, unknown date and location)

8. Koloto — "Spin Bird Kick" (from various artists compilation A Thousand Tones, 2017)

9. Lindsay Cooper — "Skating" → "Zen" → "Spin, Speed, Collision" (from Schrödinger's Cat, 1991)

10. Hugh Hopper and Phil Miller — "Calyx" (from Heart To Heart: Archive Volume 5, 2014, recorded Amsterdam 2007)

11. 1967 psychedelia mix:

  • Soft Machine — "Why Are We Sleeping?" (from Middle Earth Masters, 2006, recorded 1967-09-16)
  • Pink Floyd — "Astronomy Domine" (from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 1967)
  • Fairport Convention — "It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft" (from Fairport Convention, 1967)
  • Incredible String Band — "Three Is A Green Crown" (from The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, 1968, recorded 1967)
  • Tomorrow — "Revolution" (7" single, 1967)
  • Small Faces — "Song of the Baker" (from Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, 1968, recorded 1967)
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience — "Third Stone From the Sun" (from Are You Experienced, 1967)
  • The Chocolate Watchband — "Dark Side of the Mushroom" (from No Way Out, 1967)
  • 13th Floor Elevators — "Slip Inside This House" (from Easter Everywhere, 1967)
  • Jefferson Airplane — "The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil" (from After Bathing at Baxter's, 196?)
  • Grateful Dead — "The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion" (from The Grateful Dead, 1967)
  • The Byrds — "Tribal Gathering" (from The Notorious Byrd Brothers, 1968, recorded 1967)
  • Love — "You Set The Scene" (from Forever Changes, 1967)

12. Arzachel — "Metempsychosis" (from Arzachel, 1969)

13. Egg — "Enneagram" (from The Civil Surface, 1974)

14. Jakko M. Jakszyk — "As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still" (from The Bruised Romantic Glee Club, 2006)

15. Kevin Ayers — "Two Goes Into Four" (from The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories, 1974)

16. Haiku Salut — "Becauselessness" (from Etch and Etch Deep, 2015)

17. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — "Who I Am & Why I Am Where I Am" (from The Kid, 2017)

18. Sophia Domancich [feat. Robert Wyatt] - "Wilderness" (from Snakes and Ladders, 2011)

19. Work8hop [feat. Frances Knight] — "Spider Ballet" (live at Free Range, 2017-10-19)

errata/clarifications: The A Thousand Tones compilation which features that Koloto track was released by Elestial Sound, an artist collective founded in 2011 and based in Florida. The band Liar which Clive Brooks joined in '77 was based in the UK, not LA (although they recorded their third, unreleased, album there). Sophia Domancich is indeed French (born in Paris in 1957).

Friday, 3 November 2017

Episode 52

dedicated to the memory of Phil Miller (1949—2017)

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Caravan [feat. Phil Miller] — "Nothing At All" (from Waterloo Lily, 1972)

3. Magic Bus — "Seven Wonders" (7" single, 2015)

4. Jane Weaver — "Modern Kosmology" (from Modern Kosmology, 2017)

5. Heraclitus Akimbo — "No More Dancing in the Sun" (A Part Of My Inheritance cassette release, 2015)

6. Egg — "A Visit to Newport Hospital" (from The Polite Force, 1971)

7. Wishbone Ash — "Pilgrim" (from Live From Memphis EP, 1972)

8. S.O.S. — "Calypso" (from S.O.S., 1975)

9. Phil Miller tribute mix:

  • Delivery — "Home Made Ruin" (from Fools Meeting, 1970)
  • Matching Mole — "Part of the Dance" (from Matching Mole, 1972)
  • Phil Miller, Steven Miller, Richard Sinclair and Pip Pyle — "One For You" (from Coxhill/Miller/Miller/Coxhill, 1973)
  • Hatfield and the North — "Finesse Is For Fairies" → "Ethanol Nurse" ["Nan's True Hole"] → "Writhing and Grimacing" ["Lything and Gracing"] (from Hatwise Choice, 2005, recorded 1973-01-22 for a BBC radio session)
  • National Health — "Dreams Wide Awake" (from Playtime, 2001, recorded at Bresse-sur-Grosne, 1979-04-27)
  • Alan Gowen, Phil Miller, Richard Sinclair and Trevor Tomkins — "Nowadays A Silhouette" (from Before A Word Is Said, 1982)
  • Phil Miller/In Cahoots — "Breadhead" (from Recent Discoveries, 1995)
  • Phil Miller & Fred Baker — "Above & Below" (from Double Up, 1992)

10. Miles Davis — "Right Off" [part 1] (from Jack Johnson, 1971)

11. Agitation Free — "Laila, Part I" → "Laila, Part II" (from 2nd, 1973)

12. Sam Bailey — "Shipwrecked" (from Shipwrecked, to be released 2018)

13. Kinfolk — "Free Will & Testament" (from Kinfolk, 2015)

14. Carla Bley [feat. Julie Tippetts] — "Caucasian Bird Riffles" (from Tropic Appetites, 1974)

15. Jan Ponsford/Frances Knight/Hugh Hopper/Vince Clark — "Crimson Lake" (from The Swimmer, 2000)

16. Hugh Hopper and Phil Miller — improvisation (live on VPRO Radio 6, Netherlands, 2007-08-29)

Errata/clarifications: I still can't find out where Jan Ponsford is from. And I'm sorry to say I overlooked the passing away in May 2017 of Egg's drummer Clive Brooks (I'll pay tribute to him in the next episode). Also next episode I'll make good on my promise in Episode 51 of an hour mix of 1967 psychedelia...

Friday, 6 October 2017

Episode 51

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Soft Machine — "Esther's Nose Job" (rehearsal at Ronnie Scott's, London, filmed for French TV 1969-04-25)

3. Horace Tapscott and Pan-Afrikan People's Arkestra — "Desert Fairy Princess" (from Live At I.U.C.C., 1979)

4. Owiny Sigoma Band — "Vitamin C" (from compilation Brownswood 10 Versions, 2017)

5. Can — "Mushroom" (from Tago Mago, 1971)

6. Föllakzoid [feat. J. Spaceman] — "Electric" (from London Sessions, 2017)

7. Xylitol — "Ghost Office" (from split 7" single with Libbe Matz Gang, 2012)

8. Humble Pious — "Lullaby for Eilah" (from pink + green, 2017)

9. Harry Hayes guest mix:
Les Rallizes Dénudés — "Enter The Mirror" (from '77 Live, 1991)
Jorge Ben Jor — "Errare Humanum Est" (from História Da Música Popular Brasileira, 1982)
The Boot Lagoon — "Businessman" (online release, 2011)
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard — "Satan Speeds Up" (from I'm In Your Mind Fuzz, 2014)
Starship Commander — "Inevitable Daydream" (from I Will Get to the Sky on These Strong Legs, 2017)
The Jesus Loves Heroin Band — "Tired Of Being In Control" (from Revenge, 2011)
The Bley–Peacock Synthesizer Show — "I'm The One" (from Revenge: The Bigger The Love The Greater The Hate, 1971)
Gneng — "Gneng 2" (live at Club Burrito, 2016-11-04)
Kevin Ayers — "Girl On A Swing" (from Joy Of A Toy, 1969)
Bulbous Creation — "End Of The Page" (from You Won't Remember Dying, 1994)
Robert Stillman — "Epilogue" (from Rainbow, 2016)

10. Daevid Allen & Euterpe — "Deya Goddess" (from Studio Rehearsal Tapes, 1977 [Bananamoon Obscura Vol. 1], 2014)

11. Syd Barrett — "Love Song" (from Barrett, 1970)

12. Pink Floyd — "Fat Old Sun" (from Atom Heart Mother, 1970)

13. Magic Bus — "Three Days" (from Transmission From Sogmore's Garden, 2017)

14. Syd Arthur — "Coal Mine" (live at British Summer Time, Hyde Park, London, 2015-06-18)

15. Jane Weaver — "I Wish" (from Modern Kosmology, 2017)

16. John Coltrane — "Lush Life" (from The Unissued Seattle Broadcast, 2011)

17. Frances Knight and Miriam Gould — "'Round Midnight" (live in secret woodland location near Canterbury, 2017-08-13)

18. Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen — "Lush Life" (from ...For The Ghosts Within, 2010)

errata/clarifications: J. Spaceman's real name is Jason Pierce. I claimed that the members of Kula Shaker were Hare Krishnas, whereas it seems that they merely took an active interest in the Krishna movement and Hindu culture.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Episode 50

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Robert Wyatt — "Red Flag" (from Nothing Can Stop Us, 1982)

3. Duke Ellington — "Caravan" (from The Best Of Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra, 1961)

4. Grateful Dead — "Death Don't Have No Mercy" (from Live/Dead, 1969)

5. Allen Ginsberg — "Father Death Blues" (from BBC Face to Face interview, 1995)

6. Bearded Sphynx — "My Name Is Death" (live in a secret woodland location near Canterbury, 2016-08-29)

7. Grateful Dead — "Black Peter" (live at The Lyceum, London, 1972-05-24)

8. George Harrison — "The Art of Dying" (from All Things Must Pass, 1970)

9. Gong — "You Can't Kill Me" (live at the Gong Family Unconvention, The Melkweg, Amsterdam, 2006-11-05)

10. Monty Python — "The Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things" (from Monty Python's Flying Circus, BBC TV, 1970-09-10)

11. Spike Jones and His City Slickers — "Yes! We Have No Bananas" (7" single, 1951)

12. Kevin Ayers — "Love's Gonna Turn You Round" (from Yes We Have No Mañanas, So Get Your Mañanas Today, 1976)

13. Rubén González — "Almendra" (from Introducing..., 1997)

14. Jack Gibbons — "Cuban Overture" (from The Authentic George Gershwin, Vol. 3, 1992)

15. Caravan — "Summertime" (live at The Foundry, Jewry Lane, Canterbury, 1970)

16. Robert Wyatt — "Caimanera" (from Nothing Can Stop Us, 1982)

17. Brian Eno — "Always Returning" (from Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, 1983)

18. César Franck — "Symphony in D Minor, 2nd Movement" (performed by the Orchestre National de France, conducted by Leonard Bernstein, Théâtre des Champs Elysées, Paris, 1981)

19. Dorothy Ashby — "Myself When Young", "For Some We Loved", "Wax And Wane", "Drink", "Wine" (side one of The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby, 1970)

20. Jorge Luis Borges — "Chess" (poem read by William Rowlandson)

21. Gryphon — "Checkmate" (from Red Queen to Gryphon Three, 1974)

22. A.E. Houseman — "On Wenlock Edge" (poem read by an unknown YouTuber)

23. John Greaves, Peter Blegvad and Lisa Herman — "Kew.Rhone." (from Kew.Rhone., 1977)

24. Benny Goodman — "Sing, Sing, Sing" (live at Carnegie Hall, NYC, 1938-01-16)

25. Count Basie — "Out the Window", "Jive At Five" (from The Original American Decca Recordings, 1992, recorded 1937—1939)

26. Max Martin — "The Oyster and the Flying Fish" (2017 Soundcloud recording)

27. Daevid Allen — excerpt from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran (live at Pizza Paradiso, Byron Bay, Australia, 2015-02-27)

Errata and clarifications: All Things Must Pass was indeed recorded at Abbey Road Studios, between late May and late October, 1970. I've just learned that I was living just a couple of hundred metres away (in Grove End Road) at the time, as a newborn baby! My parents moved out to Lincolnshire in February 1971 (not 1970). The Incredible String Band's The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion (I got that title slightly wrong) was indeed released in the summer (July) of 1967, the month my parents married. "Yes! We Have No Bananas" was written in 1922 and became the theme of the outdoor relief protests in Belfast in 1932. I failed to explain that when my friend Megan woke up at 3:30a.m. thinking about me and Eno's "Always Returning" was playing, I was thousands of miles away composing a long email to her (moments before I sent it, I received an email from her). I said that the Buena Vista Social Club album came off the back of the film, but in fact it was the other way round — William Rowlandson (who read the Borges poem) explains: "Ry brought out the album first. He was planning to record musicians from Mali and Cuba in the US, but the project fell thru. He went to Havana and got together with Juan de Marcos González and they got the band together. They brought out the album which won loads of Grammys. Ry then called his old friend Wim Wenders to come and shoot the film in Havana and on the band's concert in Carnegie Hall.". William has also pointed out that Benny Goodman was English poet Philip Larkin's favourite jazzman. And I forgot to mention that The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is referenced in that Borges chess poem:

The player also is a prisoner
(The saying is Omar's) of another board
Of black nights and of white days.

The quatrain in question (from the Fitzgerald version) is:

'Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days
Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays:
Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays,
And one by one back in the Closet lays.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Episode 49

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Eric Dolphy — "Hat and Beard" (from Out To Lunch!, 1964)

3. Richard Sinclair interview clip (from Italian radio?)

4. Caravan — "Policeman" (from Caravan, 1968)

5. Gong — "Zeroid" (from Zero To Infinity, 2000)

6. Pete From The Morning — "I Never Knew" (online release, 2017)

7. Stray Ghost — "Music for Nennad Novakovic" (online release, 2017)

8. Robert Wyatt — "Catholic Architecture" (recorded 1991 at Robert's home for Arte French TV documentary)

9. The Boot Lagoon — "Strawberry Jam" (studio jam, c. 2011)

10. Guapo — "Obscure Knowledge" [part 1, radio edit] (from Obscure Knowledge, 2015)

11. Amon Tobin — "Shut Down" (free digital download, July 2008)

12. Four Tet — "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth" (from Rounds, 2003)

13. mix to mark the 50th anniversary of John Coltrane's physical death (2017-07-17)

  • "Spiral" (from Giant Steps, 1959)
  • "Fifth House" (from Coltrane Jazz, 1961)
  • "Greensleeves" (from Africa/Brass, 1961)
  • "Dahomey Dance" (from Olé Coltrane, 1961)
  • "Impressions" (from Impressions, 1963)
  • "Lonnie's Lament" (from Crescent, 1964)

14. Steve Hillage [and Miquette Giraudy] — "Four Ever Rainbow" (from Rainbow Dome Musick, 1979)

15. Terry Riley — "Desert of Ice" (from Shri Camel, 1978-1980)

16. Hatfield and the North — "Dave Intro" → "Take Your Pick" ["The Yes-No Interlude" → 6/4 jam] (from Hatwise Choice: Archive Recordings 1973—1975, Volume 1 , recorded live at Rainbow Theatre, London, 1975, released 2005)

17. Syd Arthur — "Apricity" (from Live in Brighton EP, 2017, recorded 2016-11-03)

18. Egg — "They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano" (from Egg, 1970)

Errata/clarifications: I mentioned a live Syd Arthur "album". Live in Brighton is actually just an EP.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Episode 48

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Pascal Comelade + Les Limiñanas — "Why Are We Sleeping?" (from The Nothing-Twist, 2016)

3. The Lloyd McNeill Quartet — "City Tryptych" (from Washington Suite, 1970)

4. Gong — "Oily Way" → "Outer Temple" → "Inner Temple" (from Angel's Egg, 1973)

5. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani — "Closed Circuit" [excerpt] (from Sunergy, 2016)

6. Syd Arthur — "Portal" (from Live in Brighton EP, recorded at Patterns, Brighton, 2016-11-03)

7. Arlet — "Summertimes" (live at Ramsgate Music Hall, 2017-06-11)

8. Véronique Vincent and Aksak Maboul — "Le Troisième Personnage" → "Paysage Volé" (from 16 Visions Of Ex-Futur, 2016)

9. National Health — "Elephants" (live at Middlesex Polytechnique, Enfield, 1976-02-26)

10. Matching Mole — "God Song" (from Matching Mole's Little Red Record, 1972)

11. Jean-Phillipe Ramos and Philippe Morand — "Alifie" (home recording, 2014?)

12. Terry Riley — "Persian Surgery Dervishes [Paris 1972-05-24] (from Persian Surgery Dervishes, 1972)

13. Kevin Ayers — "Blue" (BBC Radio One Live in Concert, 1976-10-23)

14. Carlos Santana and Alice Coltrane — "Angel of Sunlight" (from Illuminations, 1974)

15. Syd Arthur — "Ode to the Summer" (from Live in Brighton EP, recorded at Patterns, Brighton, 2016-11-03)

16. Wyatt Moss-Wellington — "Sequel" (from The Kinder We, 2017)

17. Seth Scott and Geerte de Koe — "Other Order" (video soundtrack, 2015)

18. Robert Wyatt and Evan Parker — "Curtsy" (from Paul Haines album Darn It!, 1993)

19. Evan Parker and Matthew Wright — "II" (from Trance Map, 2011)

20. Hugh Hopper — "Sliding Dogs" (from Archive vol. 6: Special Friends, 2015, recorded Brussels, 1994-11-26)

21. Robert Wyatt — "Alfie and Robert Sail Off Into the Sunset" (hidden track from Mid-Eighties, 1993)

Friday, 9 June 2017

Episode 47

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1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Robert Wyatt — "Shipbuilding" (live on BBC TV's The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1983-03-06)

3. North Sea Radio Orchestra — "Dronne" (from Dronne, 2016)

4. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra — "Oscar Tango" (from Signs of Life, 1987)

5. Caravan — "The Love In Your Eye" (from Live at the Fairfield Halls, recorded 1974-09-01, released 2002)

6. Officer! — "Anagrams" (from Ossification, 1984)

7. The Evil Usses — "Septopode" (from Amateur Pro Wrestling, 2017)

8. Jimi Hendrix Experience — "1983 (If A Merman I Should Turn To Be)" (from Electric Ladyland, 1968)

9. Soft Machine — "Save Yourself" → "Priscilla" (from The Soft Machine, 1968)

10. King Tubby mix:

  • "King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown"
  • "A Rougher Version"
  • "Angel Dub"
  • "Back Out A This Dub Stylee"
  • "Fittest of the Fittest Dub"
  • "Keep On Dubbing"
  • "Rub-A-Dub 6"
  • "Conqueror Dub"
  • "Straight to the Capitalist Head"
  • "Zion Gate Dub"
  • "Bad Boy Rhythm Dub"
  • "Sensation Version"
  • "St. Lucia Skank"
  • "Waterhouse Rock"
  • "Dub a Dreadlock"
  • "Dub Immortal"
  • "Money Dub"
  • "A Murderous Dub"

11. Hatfield and the North — "Amsterdamage 11/19" ["Gigantic Landcrabs In Earth Takeover Bid"] (from Hatwise Choice, recorded at the Melkweg Amsterdam on 1974-03-30, released 2005)

12. Vels Trio — "Godzilla" (from Yellow Ochre, forthcoming 2017)

13. Sunn O))) — "Alice" (from Monoliths & Dimensions, 2009)

14. Alice Coltrane — "Something About John Coltrane" (from Journey In Satchidananda, 1971)

15. Spindle Ensemble — "Euphoria" [or "Bea"] (from Bea, 2017)

16. Gong — "Magdalene" (from Zero To Infinity, 2000)

17. Delia Derbyshire — "Doctor Who theme" (1963)

errata/clarifications: King Tubby's birth name was Osbourne Ruddock (1941-1989), sorry I really should have known that! I misspelled "Sunn O)))" (two n's) and am informed that it's just pronounced like "sun"... but I was right that they're from the Pacific Northwest (Seattle).

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Episode 46

Mixcloud stream      Gonzo stream      download

1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Gong — "Master Builder" (live at Cosmopolite, Oslo, 2015-11-07)

3. Heldon — "In the Wake of King Fripp" (from Allez Teia, 1975)

4. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — "Existence in the Unfurling" (from EARS, 2016)

5. Uzurider — "O Caroline" (YouTube posting, 2013)

6. Kevin Ayers — "Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her)" (from Joy of a Toy, 1969)

7. Herb Diamante (with Master Musicians of Bukkake) — "The Lady Rachel" (from My Crawling Eye Sees All, 2011)

8. Steve Hillage and Yuji Katsui — live session excerpt (recorded at Dommune nightclub, Tokyo, November 2013)

9. Syd Arthur — jam excerpt (recorded at Bramble Hall studio near Canterbury, November 2010)

10. Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics — "Spiritual Jazz" (from Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics, 2010)

11. Yishak Banjaw — "Engudaye Nesh" (from Love Songs Vol.2, 1986)

12. Stray Ghost — "Eliza" (from A Closed Dialogue, 2016)

13. Hugh Hopper and Robert Wyatt — "Was A Friend" (from Archive Volume 10: Was A Friend, 2015)

14. The Sea Nymphs — "Mirmaid's Purse" (from On The Dry Land, 2016)

15. Henry Cow/Slapp Happy — "War" (from In Praise of Learning, 2015)

16. The Fall — "War" (from Behind The Counter EP, 1993)

17. Caveman Hughscore — "Extra Lung" (from Caveman Hughscore, 1995)

18. Matching Mole — "Part of the Dance" (from Matching Mole, 1972)

19. Interstellar Space — "Bridge To Serafim" (from Intergalactic Journey Pt. 1: The Beginning, 2016)

20. Hatfield and the North — "For Robert" → "Blane Over Paris" (from Hatwise Choice, recorded in 1973, released in 2005)

21. John Coltrane — "Venus" (from Interstellar Space, recorded 1967, released 1974)

22. Soft Machine — "Out-Bloody-Rageous" → "Neo-Caliban Grides" (from Grides, recorded 1970-10-25, released 2006)

23. Lapis Lazuli — jam (bonus material from Wrong Meeting vinyl edition, 2016)

24. Don Cherry — "The Creator Has A Master Plan" → "Sidartha" (from Organic Music Society, 1972)

25. Spindle Ensemble — "Panic Amongst the Dragonflies" (live at Cellar Tapes Studio, December 2016)

26. Lady June — "I Think I'm Raining" (from Hit & Myth, 1996)

27. Brian Eno — "Put A Straw Under Baby" (from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), 1974)

Errata/clarifications: Various sources online suggest that the Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics album was an "original soundtrack" but no reference to a film of that title could be found. Yishak Banjaw is from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, but the album (a cassette release recorded entirely on a cheap Casio keyboard) was recorded in Eritrea while he was working for the "Police Band" there. The "Eleanor" referenced by Kevin Ayers was Eleanor Barooshian and her band were known as "The Cake", not "Cake". She ended up in the UK singing with Ginger Baker's Air Force. The Henry Cow/Slapp Happy song "War" was written by Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore (not just Blegvad). I forgot to mention the all-important vibraphone in the Spindle Ensemble sound (sorry Harriet!). And Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) was indeed the second Eno solo album.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Episode 45

Mixcloud stream      Gonzo stream      download

1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. System 7 — "Don Corleone" (from Golden Section, 1997)

3. Cloudshoes — "Supershiva" (from Tunnel In The Sky, 2016)

4. Caravan — "Frozen Rose" (studio outake, from In The Land of Grey and Pink 40th anniversary edition, 2011)

5. The Necks — "Blue Mountain" (from Unfold, 2017)

6. Placebo — "Showbiz Suite" (from Ball of Eyes, 1971)

7. Contrepoint — "Unfathomable Of The Seventh Time" (from the v/a compilation Puissance 13+2, 1971)

8. Koloto "Flavour of the Month" mix (put together for the Shika Shika Collective, January 2017)

  • Cougar — "Lifetime Ranger"
  • Yosi Horikawa — "Stars"
  • Tor — "Days Gone"
  • Edamame — "Tongue"
  • Koloto — "Fox Tales"
  • edIT — "Laundry"
  • Memotone & Soosh — "Humble Joy"
  • Kidsuke — "School Chimes"
  • CloZee — "Dream Big" (Set In Sand remix)
  • Ekoda Map — "Captain"
  • Luo — "Sleep Spindles"
  • Kidkanevil — "Inakunaru"
  • Toe — "Goodbye" [featt. Toki Asako] (starRO remix)
  • Petit Biscuit — "Sunset Lover"
  • Seven — "Ark Floor"
  • Squarepusher — "Iambic 9 Poetry"

9. Hugh Hopper — "Sliding Dogs" → "Lily Kong" → "Nozzles Tecalemit" (from Monster Band, recorded live in Bordeaux, 1974-03-20, released 1985)

10. Russell Gunn — "Bass Head Jazz" (from Russell Gunn Presents... Bionic: Krunk Jazz, 2006)

11. Luca Afrobeat Band — "Scream Afro" (from Scream EP, 2014)

12. Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — "Closed Circuit" [excerpt] (from Sunergy, 201

13. Robert Wyatt — Resonance FM "Latin Waves" interview (2017-02-12) excerpt 1

14. Robert Wyatt — "Yolanda" (from Work In Progress EP, 1984)

15. Robert Wyatt — Resonance FM "Latin Waves" interview (2017-02-12) interview excerpt 2

16. Robert Wyatt — "United States of Amnesia" (from Old Rottenhat, 1985)

17. Little Bulb Theatre — "Wail" (from Wail soundtrack, 2017)

errata/clarifications: Resonance FM was indeed set up originally as a temporary station for the Meltdown festival on the South Bank in London, but it was in '98 for the festival curated by John Peel (not the 2001 festival curated by Robert Wyatt).

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Episode 44

Mixcloud stream      Gonzo stream      download

1. Owen Hewson — "Facelift" theme

2. Egg — "Long Piece No. 3 Part Two" (from The Polite Force, 1971)

3. Pharaoh Sanders — "Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt" [excerpt] (from Tauhid, 1967)

4. Lindsay Cooper & Charles Gray — "Tender Mother" (from Pia Mater, 1997)

5. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — "Arthropoda" (from EARS, 2016)

6. King Crimson — "Exiles" (from Larks' Tongue In Aspic, 1973)

7. System 7 — "Strange Beings" (from Phoenix, 2007)

8. Gong — "Pot Head Pixies" (from The Birthday Party 1995, recorded The Forum, London, October 1994)

9. Lapis Lazuli — "Phighyphe" → "School" → "Reich" (live at The Gladstone, Brighton, 2016-12-03)

10. four unknown Japanese musicians — "The Collapso" (live at progressive rock session, Honeyflash rock bar, Warabi, Japan, 2014-01-26)

11. Wyatt/Atzmon/Stephen [feat. Stormtrap (a.k.a. Abboud Hashem)] — "Where Are They Now?" (from The Ghosts Within, 2010)

12. Humble Pious [feat. Bea Wolff] — "Dinosaur Bones" (from Hide, 2017)

13. Yakobfinga — "In A Birdless Dawn" (from Through A Hole In The Head, 2012)

14. Bardo Thodol — "HMS Trushmu" (demo recording, 2010)

15. Stray Ghost — "Lament III" → "Lament IV" (from Lament: Music For Irene Inness, 2015)

16. Delta Saxophone Quartet — "Outrageous Moon" (from Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening, 2007)

17. Soft Machine — "You Don't Remember" (from Jet-Propelled Photographs, recorded 1967, released 1976)

18. Hughscore —"Spacelift" (from Delta Flora, 1999)

19. Kevin Ayers and Archibald — "The End" (from Banana Follies, recorded for BBC Radio 1, 1972-09-20, released 1998)

errata/clarifications: Phil Holmes can be heard playing chalumeau during the Lapis Lazuli set (I mentioned this as if it were a thing of the past). It's not clear whether the "I am, you are, we are... crazy!" soundbite in the System 7 was sampled from the original Gong track or was specially re-recorded by Daevid Allen.

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